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The Life of an Average Teenager Part 2
Nathan’s POV
Nathan had been thinking about what John had said the whole afternoon.  Yea, he has a girlfriend, but once upon a time he had liked Amimarie. Now he just saw her as a friend.
The way he looked at her though, right after John suggested that he liked her, I know that look from anywhere. Stephen did like her. Or at least he thought she was really pretty.
It’s none of your business Nathan. You have Mia.

Mia was Nathan’s girlfriend, and the most beautiful girl on the planet. She had deep brown hair with the slightest hint of red in it. She liked to keep it short. Her eyes could change color, but they usually had a nice crisp grayish hazel color.  She wasn’t just pretty though. Nathan isn't the type of guy who would go for a girl just for looks. She was sweet and caring, yet firm and headstrong. He felt so lucky to have her in his life.
So why are you so worked up about this?
Morgan’s POV
Morgan loved dr
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Why did I grow up? Chapter 1
*Authors Note: Ok, so it's midnight when I'm righting this, so don't judge. I need to get this idea down before I lose it though. It starts out as a young girl writing it, but she gets older later on. I hope you like it.
Hi! I'm 5 yers old. My naem is Sarah. My frends naem is Jakob. Hes not a good frend tho. We were playing in the back yard today and he said he was goin to hert me. Hes 7 yers old. I was skard. he didnt hert me tho. but he sed if I tuch his stuf agen then he wil. Ill haf to be carful.
Jakob serprisd me today. Its a difrent day now. this day he sed I was prity with my nu dres. he dusnt usully say nis stuf like that.
Guss what? todays my 6th birthday! All my freinds came to my Rise of the Guardians party (my mom helped me spel that). The peple that were there are Amy, Cindy, Kayla, Jacob, and Stephen. It was the most berry best party EVER! Everyone gave me presents evenly Jacob and Cindy! My momy made the bestest cake with sandy on it. Sandy is my most favrite ga
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The Life of an Average Teenager
Amimarie’s POV
“Hey, what’s your name?” Amimarie asked the new kid at school, who just so happened to be kinda cute.
“Guess.” the mysterious guy replied.
“Why can’t you just tell me? It’s your name after all.”
“But where’s the fun in that? C’mon just guess.”
Urgh, is he always this annoying?  She thought. Honestly, it’s just his name.
“Alright fine, James?”
“Nope, it’s Stephen.”
“Ok, James.”
“… It’s Stephen.”
Hehe, this ought to be fun.
“Yep, your name sure is James.”
“But its Stephen!”
“See ya later James.”
Amimarie just walked away laughing to talk to her friends.
Stephen's POV
Who is that girl. She’s so strange. Or maybe I’m the strange one; after all, I’m the new one here. Stephen walked over to some of his new buddies who took him in
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TCM: Ocean View by LivingAliveCreator TCM: Ocean View :iconlivingalivecreator:LivingAliveCreator 98 67
                                                        The Following is a fan written script for an Honest Trailer for
                                                                 Dream Works' Rise of the Guardians

From the studio that put a hipster childrens' book series on steroids (How to Train Your Dragon logo appears) and gave us the only animated movie awesome en
:iconaveragejoeguy2:Averagejoeguy2 26 58
Cubee template by Cubee-acres Cubee template :iconcubee-acres:Cubee-acres 5 0 Once Upon a... Tangled! by LeMeNe Once Upon a... Tangled! :iconlemene:LeMeNe 78 51 Wholock: Mary Watson and The (Other) Doctor by ice-cream-skies Wholock: Mary Watson and The (Other) Doctor :iconice-cream-skies:ice-cream-skies 328 120 I shall give you a... by incredibru I shall give you a... :iconincredibru:incredibru 471 52 The Dam Scene Part 1 by incredibru The Dam Scene Part 1 :iconincredibru:incredibru 634 31 The Dam Scene Part 2 by incredibru The Dam Scene Part 2 :iconincredibru:incredibru 714 52
RotBTD Chapter 22
Chapter 22: Poisoned
The boys flew up to the ledge in front of the window of the tower. Jack peered inside, it was dark, and it seemed empty.
“Stay close.”, he said to Hiccup. “We don't know what's waiting for us in there. Let me try something first, though.”
He looked at his hands. A ball of snow appeared in one hand, and grew, then lengthened, and shifted into the shape of an ice sword. The ice cracked, and shed, revealing an actual steel bladed sword in Jack's hand. He looked at his other hand, and the same thing happened. “Now this is more like it.”, he said. Ice formed over his shoulders and chest, cracking away, leaving metal armor behind. “You ready?”
Hiccup ejected his claws.“When you are.”  
Jack focused his eyes on the door, and blasted it open with his ice vision. The boys charged in, weapons drawn.
The inside was dark, without any sign of life.
“It's quiet.”, Hiccup said.
“Yeah, too quiet.
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Don't let them know... by Fate221 Don't let them know... :iconfate221:Fate221 633 83
OH NO!!!
It was bound to happen...WRITERS BLOCK!!!!
Winter Wonderland CH 4 is the hardest to start. I know I want to have Jack wake up first, or Elsa...GAH! I'm so indecisive. I can't think of what one would make a better story. Logic says Elsa because she was just exhausted while Jack was crushed...with a dumpster. Oh and if you haven't figured it out yet the man that saved Elsa and Jack is North! IDK I'M SO STUCK!!! any ideas?
:iconrocktimusprime:rocktimusprime 1 4
Seven Devils
If she concentrated hard enough, it could almost be that day in New Rome, that day when everything was just as it should be.
  The sun was shining, rays landing on the city with its strange mixture of modern and ancient buildings. Rolling green hills extended far as the eye could see around the city. The smell of fresh air and cold stone was heavy on the wind. And there was Percy, striding confidently through the crowd, just as he had the day Annabeth and the others landed in New Rome, the day she was reunited with her Seaweed Brain after his long disappearance. His black hair was windblown and tousled as always. It physically hurt Annabeth, seeing him like this.
  Because they weren’t in New Rome. He wasn’t walking casually through a crowd of teenage demigods, his arms around Hazel and Frank. And he wasn’t wearing his easy, mischievous smile. No, they were in a vacant town in the hills of Greece. He was walking through a crowd of jeering monsters, flanked b
:iconnatalia1417:Natalia1417 29 53
Winter Wonderland Ch 3
"Stay back!" She yelled.
"Elsa please let me help you" Jack pleaded. Elsa stood up, and wiped the tears from her face.
" I'm sorry Jack I don't want to hurt you." She said sniffling. About that time people came over to see if anyone was hurt.
"Interesting," the dark figure said and slid back into the shadows.
He just caught her slipping into an alley. He zigzagged his way through the crowd and followed shortly after.
"Elsa, Elsa please wait." He called following her into the alley
"Jack please." She sobbed.
"Elsa talk to me." Jack said softly.  That's when he found her scrunched into a ball behind a disused dumpster. She sat with her legs to her chest, her arms wrapped around them with her head in her arms. Frozen tears rolled off her face.
"Elsa?" Jack asked as he reached out for her shoulder.
"Jack, please don't." Elsa pleaded
"Why?" he asked
"Please I don't want you to get hurt." Elsa sadly said as she clenched her legs tighter to her
:iconrocktimusprime:rocktimusprime 6 6
King Cross Station
Kings Cross Station. Perhaps this is the most magical place after Hogwarts worldwide. Let the ordinary people do not notice it, but it was from here that the winding road to adulthood. It was here that the young magicians begin their journey to the legendary and the best, by most accounts, the Hogwarts school. Here begin the way future legendary witches and wizards. Today morning, the first of September was clear and full of children a foretaste of the upcoming trip. Platform 9 and 3/4 full preparation for the trip went. He could hear the hooting of owls, gnashing heavy suitcases, admiring cries of children and adults farewell. When a magical barrier for this morning was no different from any other children for eleven years it was special - today their first trip to the school of magic. Little girl with a huge mop of red curly hair fun running down the station, curiously examining every detail. Children's face strewn with freckles burned happy smile and eyes the color of the sky is sim
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Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost Papercraft by Ferriswheelshipping1 Rise of the Guardians: Jack Frost Papercraft :iconferriswheelshipping1:Ferriswheelshipping1 38 22


Ok, so Christmas was AMAZING!!! Sadly, my favorite holiday is over now, but the fun continues! I'll be traveling for a while, so I won't be on DA at all, but when I come back, I should have something to post. ...Should. Yea, I haven't had anything in a while, but it's all coming to me so slowly. Slowly but surely. Happy Holidays!!!!!


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